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                      The 2016 annual work summary report 更新時間: 2017-01-14 16:11:00

                      The passage of time, 2016Time passes very quickly., flash past. All the staff at all levels under the leadership of one mind, solidarity and cooperation, successfully completed various tasks throughout the year. Back in 2014, we have been very impressive, but the safe and smooth is our biggest harvest. In 2015, that the company will have greater prospects for development. In order to better carry out the work, draw lessons.The company will be in January 22, 2017 for overhaul and annual leave. Officially started in February 5, 2017.

                      (a) strengthen internal management, improve enterprise management level

                      The internal management of enterprises is the basis for the survival and development of enterprises. This year, the company in Lu under the correct guidance of the total, in the Lu under the leadership, to rationalize the relationship as the key point, take the system construction as the fundamental, to improve the quality of service as the starting point, continue to strengthen personnel, vehicles and supplies management. Always put the management work in the center position, to the management efficiency, to promote the development of management. Adhere to the system of management and humanization management combination, division of labor cooperation, close cooperation, constantly revise and improve the system of each post management departments, timely organize staff to learn experience. To understand the dynamic and state of mind, strengthen communication and coordination, timely solve the contradictions and problems, and never allow anyone with any excuses or reasons of mutual responsibility at work, but do not allow anyone to grudge or mood to work between individuals in. Effectively enhance the company's cohesion and fighting capacity. Regularly held a working meeting, communicate to each other to find the problem, analyze the reasons, formulate improvement measures, so that a small problem solved on the spot, the big problem rectification. Strong in ensuring the smooth development of the work of the year.

                      (two) in close cooperation, solidarity and cooperation, the successful completion of the annual production tasks

                      Strengthen production management, to complete the production task is the core work of enterprises. Since 2016, the company departments closely, mutual cooperation, around the "strong management, grasp the safety, quality, credibility, solid and efficient" work of pay close attention to the production tasks are completed on time, the construction side of the praise.

                      1 strengthen coordination efforts with the site, the spirit of "equality and mutual benefit, mutual respect, timely communication" principle, to ensure the concrete pouring smoothly, the attacking foreman to deep to be fine, do a good job arrangements in advance, pay attention to each link, ensure the field of construction safety, efficient and accurate.

                      2 increase the quality control efforts to achieve energy saving. The company since its inception, always adhere to the "quality survival, reputation and development of the guiding ideology", strengthen the construction quality. From the source, strict customs purchase of raw materials, strengthening of concrete production, transportation, delivery, and pump control and requirement of each production link. Do the batch sample test, constant observation adjustment. 

                      3 to strengthen the deployment and management of operational personnel, strict operation regulations, continue to develop new technical experts, learn from each other, and strive to improve the skills of operating room. Lay the foundation for the company's reserve personnel.

                      4 to strengthen the fleet management, guarantee the delivery of concrete work completed.Especially all the drivers to carry forward the continuous fighting style of work, to overcome the adverse effects caused by the cold weather, work overtime, work hard to complete the task of concrete operation.

                      In 2016 through the joint efforts of all staff in various departments, mutual support and cooperation, the company completed the annual production capacity of 7000 tons, up to 15000 tons。

                      (three) pay close attention to safety work, implementation of the annual security accident for the good situation of zero safety work is the lifeblood of the enterprise, is the priority among priorities of the company's management, it is directly related to the survival and development of enterprises and the vital interests of each employee. This led a group of people attention, always put safety in the top priority, and achieved good results. A good situation to achieve the full year without major accidents.

                      1, strengthen the safety leadership. The company is set up to X total security work leading group, strengthen safety supervision and inspection, to detect and eliminate security risks, modify and perfect the security system.

                      2, pay attention to safety education, improve safety awareness. Organize safety training, safety evaluation work regularly. Remind the majority of employees "safety is no small matter, small risks will lead to major accidents.". Stick to the alarm bells ringing, unremittingly.

                      3, United and concerted efforts. Strict implementation of the "safety first, prevention first" principle, focus on personal safety and property safety, construction safety "," all about security, everything about safety, always talk about security "safe working atmosphere. There will never allow the neglect of safety of people and things. To ignore the safety work of the Department, responsible for safety accidents resolutely deal, will not be tolerated.

                      4, set up emergency teams to develop contingency plans. When the emergency and safety accidents, ensure the timely and effective treatment, the maximum to reduce losses to the minimum.

                      5, increase the intensity of equipment repair and maintenance, to ensure the safe operation. In 2016 the company is very tight in the case of funds, guarantees the equipment repair and maintenance costs more than 37 yuan, fully shows that the company attaches great importance to the safe operation of equipment. Truly find the problem timely repair, regular inspection and maintenance, are not allowed to take the fault of the vehicle on the road, with the fault operation does not allow equipment, will eliminate hidden dangers in the bud, a strong guarantee for the safe operation of vehicles and equipment.

                      (four) to strengthen discipline construction, improve the staff's sense of ownership

                      Most of the company's employees can set strict demands on themselves, proactive, responsible, obey company arrangement and scheduling. The pool and cleaning material washing pool, actively participate in the organization of the company operating room under the field ditch sewage work, afraid dirty BuPaLei, serious and responsible, has been highly appreciated by the leadership of the company。

                      A new year means a new start, new opportunities and new challenges, therefore, ALENG staff will work hard, solidarity, strive for new and greater success.

                                                                                January 14 ,2017

                      All rights:Plastic Materials Co., Ltd. Dongguan Aleng Contact US
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